Margret the Dog
Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (Deceased)
Eye Color: Black and White
Friends: -
Enemies: Blood Demon
Address: Formal-Land of Ooo
Occupation: Wife of: Joshua the Dog

Mother of: Finn, Jake, and Jermaine the Dog

Aliases: Finn the Human and Jake the Dog
Family: Joshua the Dog (Husband)

Jake the Dog (son)

Jermaine the Dog (son)

Finn the Human (adoptive son)

First Appearance: Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
Portrayer: Maria Bamford

Margaret is a dog, the mother of Jake, Finn, and Jermaine the Dog. Natasha Allegri has confirmed that she and her husband Joshua adopted Finn as a baby. The couple first appeared in one of Finn's flashbacks in the episode "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain." They found Finn after he had soiled himself, causing him to get stuck to a leaf, after he cried for an entire day, all alone in the forest. They were the first and only people to stop and help baby Finn, as all other passersby simply ignored him. They took him to what is presumably their house and raised him as their own. Margaret appears to be caring and loving. She speaks in a 1940s American accent.

According to Finn in "Conquest to Cutness," Margaret always knew "the right thing to say" whenever he or Jake were in a crisis. Strangely, a Two Headed Cutie tried to exploit their love for her during their invasion, pretending to be her ghost mocking them in an attempt to find their weaknesses.

In "Jake vs. Me-Mow," it is revealed that she had a special lullaby for her children. Finn kept her music box in his backpack. It is assumed that he kept it as a memento of her.

Her last appearance was in "Memory of a Memory" while Finn and Marceline were in Finn's memories. She appeared in a photo holding a one of her children wrapped in a blanket.

Margaret, as well as her husband Joshua, had passed away prior to the events of Adventure Time. The cause of death is unknown, but is assumed to be old age due to a normal dog's short lifespan.