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Flame Princess is the 14-year old princess of the Fire Kingdom, and is one of Finn's friends. She is currently in a relationship with Finn. Like all other inhabitants of the Fire Kingdom, she is covered with fire, the very flames emitted from her body being extensions of herself that intensify with rage. She first appeared in the Season 3 finale
Flame princess by hnrat-d4pgre2
"Incendium", where Jake was looking for a girl to help Finn get over Princess Bubblegum. While she was referred to as being destructive by her own father, when he said "evil daughter", she has a more naive nature that prompts her to act on her emotions. In the Season 4 episode "Burning Low", it was shown that Princess Bubblegum had some sort of past relationship with Flame Princess and her kingdom. In addition, the reason of her previous arrangement was revealed to be the result of a prior settlement between her father Flame King and Princess Bubblegum. In the episode "Ignition Point", she requested a favor which indirectly led to her revealing that she hated her father, The Flame King, for imprisoning her for so many years. Furthermore, it was revealed that her family is evil and the candles, requested by her, were used as a method to spread the family evil ways/views to the next generation.